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ATI Omni Hybrid With Quad-Rail (30RD)

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Recommended Ammunition :

 - Use only commercial grade ammunition in it's original packaging that corresponds with the caliber of the gun. The correct caliber is imprinted on the gun.

 - 5.56 or .223 Remington brass cased  with a minimum of 55 grain.

 - Never use reloaded,  "refurbished" , hand-loaded, or non standard ammunition of a different caliber. 

 - Never use dirty, wet, corroded, bent, damaged, or oiled ammunition. 

 - Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust a semi-automatic gun to all loads. 

*Highly advise against using steel cased ammo due to excessive wear and tear from steel and lacquered coated rounds can cause premature carbon buildup and stoppages. 

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