ATI Firepower Xtreme: GI 1911

Shipping weight: 2.90  lbs.
  • Features
Compact Commander Size
Single Action
Semi Automatic
7+1 Capacity
  • Specs
Caliber: .45ACP
Height: 5.28 Inches
Length: 7.87 Inches
Weight: 33.5 Ounces
Magazine Capacity: 7
  • Frame
Material: 4140 Steel
Finish: Blued
Color: Matte Black
  • Slide
Material: 4140 Steel
Finish: Blued
Color: Matte Black
Rear Military Serration
  • Sights
Military Style Front Sight
Military Style Rear Sight
  • Grips
Textured Pattern
  • Barrel
Length: 4.25 Inches
Material: 4140 Steel
Finish: Steel
Color: Steel
  • Trigger
Material: Aluminum
Design: Military
Color: Matte Black
 Recommended Ammunition:
Use only commercial grade ammunition in its original packaging that corresponds with the caliber of the gun. The correct caliber is imprinted on the gun. 
- 45 caliber brass ball full metal jacket (FMJ) 
Never use reloaded, "refurbished", hand-loaded, or non standard ammunition of a different caliber. 
- Never use dirty, wet, corroded, bent, damaged, or oiled ammunition.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust a semi-automatic gun to all loads.
*Highly advise against using steel cased ammo due to excessive wear and tear from steel and lacquered coated rounds can cause premature carbon buildup and stoppages.

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Caliber/Gauge: 45ACP
Color/Finish: Matte Black
Barrel length: 4.25
Magazine Capacity: 7