2015 Product Catalog

ATI 2015 Catalog PDF

American Tactical Product Manuals:

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German Sport Guns

GSG MP40 Owners Manual

GSG 922 Owners Manual
GSG 922 Exploded View
GSG 922 Parts List

GSG STG-44 Owners Manual
GSG STG-44 Exploded View
GSG STG-44 Parts List

GSG 1911 Owners Manual
GSG 1911 Pistol Exploded View
GSG 1911 Parts List (Page 33-34 in Manual)

GSG Kalashnikov AK47 Manual
GSG Kalashnikov AK47 Exploded View

GSG 522 Carbine Exploded View
GSG-5 Exploded View (legacy file)
GSG-5PK Exploded View (legacy file)
GSG 522 Conversion Instructions
GSG 522SD Handguard Instructions

GSG Rotary Magazine Instructions
GSG Sling Instructions

ATI FX Firepower Xtreme Pistols

FX FIrepower Xtreme 1911 Pistol Manual
FX Firepower Xtreme 1911 Titan Pistol Exploded View
FX Firepower Xtreme 1911 Pistol Parts List
FX Firepower Xtreme 1911 Pistol Exploded View
FX Firepower Xtreme 1911 Titan Pistol Field Strip Guide

ATI Rifles

ATI OMNI 22 Owners Manual
AT-15 HD 16 Owners Manual
AT-47 Rifle Manual (Gen2)

ATI Shotguns

ATI Cavalry Over/Under Manual


Head Down Products

Head Down Owners Manual

Discountinued ATI Products

American Tactical AT-47 Rifle Manual (Original)
American Tactical AT-15 Rifle Manual
Just Right Carbine Rifle Manual
American Tactical AT-94 Rifle/Pistol Manual
American Tactical / Tisas CS9 Pistol Manual
American Tactical / Chiappa M4-22 Upper Exploded View
American Tactical / Ottomanguns Shotgun Parts List