July 20, 2016

Effective July 20, 2016, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has added new terminology to the State’s Assault Weapons Ban that affects American Tactical’s ability to service certain American Tactical products.  You may view this new directive at this link:  The directive does not define how firearm manufacturers are able to supply replacement firearms of items that are considered copies or duplicates of items on the Enumerated Weapons list. 

American Tactical has contacted the Attorney General’s Office for clarification.  As we are unable to determine whether or not your firearm needs repair or replacement until we have inspected it, there is a possibility that once received, we would not be permitted to return your items if a replacement firearm is required.

In an effort to provide full service to you when available, American Tactical will not be accepting warranty service returns from MA until there is clarification on replacement firearms made by the State.  Once clarification is made, if we are permitted to we will resume providing these warranty services.  This policy affects all AR-15 style and AK-47 style firearms that you may possess, including complete and stripped receivers.  If you are uncertain if your firearm falls under this restriction, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-290-0065 or at

Please understand that this is not American Tactical saying we will never service your firearm.  American Tactical is committed to our full warranty policy for all customers.  American Tactical is also committed to 100% compliance with Federal & State Regulations.  Once clarification is provided, and if the state of Massachusetts permits it, we will resume full warranty services to you.

If we are unable to currently accept your firearm for service from MA, we strongly urge you to contact the MA State Attorney General’s Office at (617)727-2200 or at   We will remove this notice once we are provided our requested guidance from MA.


We apologize for any inconvenience. 




March 24, 2016

Dear Valued Customers,

This is an announcement from American Tactical about the discontinuation of available repair services for some ISSC brand imported products.  Effective immediately with this announcement, firearms previously imported by Austrian Sporting Arms, Legacy Sports International and Anschutz will no longer be serviced by American Tactical.  All requests for service of these firearms must be directed to ISSC directly at

Due to a complete lack of support from ISSC, American Tactical will only provide warranty services for firearms that are marked American Tactical, Summerville SC on the firearm.  If you still wish to have your non-American Tactical marked ISSC firearm repaired by American Tactical, please contact our customer service center for a repair quote that will include the cost of parts and labor.  American Tactical will have a very limited ability to fix non-American Tactical imported ISSC firearms, and we are limited to our remaining on hand available repair parts inventory.  American Tactical is not responsible for any shipping expenses for non-American Tactical marked firearms that you wish to have serviced. 

All Austrian Sporting Arms, Legacy Sports International and Anschutz marked firearms that have not been issued a Return Authorization number prior to this date will be returned to the sender with no action taken, unless a service repair quote and Return Authorization number has been issued by Customer Service.

American Tactical deeply regrets having to take this action regarding warranty services for non-American Tactical imported ISSC firearms.  Unfortunately, the factory ISSC in Europe has denied support to American Tactical despite contractual obligations, forcing us to only maintain our standard American Tactical warranty policy.  We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that ISSC will have an update for you on who their next US repair center will be.

Thank you,

American Tactical.






American Tactical’s LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY is in effect for any firearms registered for warranty beginning January 1, 2015.  This warranty extends to any and all parts of the firearm as originally sold by American Tactical, but does not extend to firearms altered after their original purchase, firearms damaged through abuse, misuse or lack of proper care and maintenance or firearms used other than for their legal intended purposes.  If a firearm cannot be repaired, American Tactical will replace it with a brand new identical firearm.  If a replacement firearm identical to the returned firearm is not available, American Tactical will replace it with a firearm of equal value to be determined at our discretion.  The American Tactical LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY does not allow for monetary compensation for firearms purchased by the end user at the retail level.  Any and all claims for monetary return must be addressed with the retail location from which the end user purchased the American Tactical brand domestic or imported firearm and will be subject to the terms and conditions of the retail locations returns policies.  American Tactical is not liable for any returns or claims policies of independent retailers selling American Tactical brand domestic or imported products.

All firearms registered prior to January 1, 2015 are still subject to the previous 2 Year American Tactical Warranty policy.  Once expired, firearms registered prior to January 1, 2015 will be subject to the policy detailed below in the section labeled SERVICES OUTSIDE OF WARRANTY.

It is the policy of American Tactical that any replacement firearm or receiver be transfered via a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer.

NOTE: All American Tactical Omni and American Tactical Omni Hybrid AR receivers have a lifetime warranty regardless of registration date.



American Tactical provides warranty services, repairs and parts for our imported and domestic brand products. If you believe your American Tactical product needs service, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-290-0065 to obtain a Return Authorization (RA).

All firearms (pistols, rifles, shotguns, and lower receivers) being sent in for service must be registered through the American Tactical website or by mailing in the firearm’s warranty card to receive warranty services. Firearms that are not registered can be serviced, but will be subject to charge. Once a RA for a firearm is issued by an American Tactical Customer Service Representative, you will be sent a Return Authorization packet via USPS. The RA packet will include a RFID tag for the firearm, a prepaid FedEx shipping label, and instructions on how to send the firearm in for service. To avoid any refusals or delays carefully follow the instructions provided in the RA packet to ensure your firearm is properly received by our Service Department. NOTE: Firearms returning for service must have an RFID tag attached directly to the firearm. Firearms without a RFID tag will be returned to sender.

All firearms returned to ATI for service can only be shipped to and from the address provided to the Customer Service Representative when the RA is created. If you are no longer able to receive the firearm from the address the firearm was sent from and originally provided to American Tactical, the firearm must then be sent to a firearms dealer with a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). If you must have your firearm returned to a valid FFL holder, American Tactical is not responsible for any fees or cost associated with the return shipment. It is the duty of the customer to notify American Tactical of any issues or concerns regarding the return shipment of the firearm at the time the RA is issued.

All other items (magazines, sights, firearms parts, etc) also require a RA to receive service. To obtain a RA from our Customer Service department a valid proof of purchase must be provided.  Once a RA is obtained from American Tactical, the Customer Service representative will provide you with a RA number. That number must be placed on the outside of the package; visible for our Returns Department to be accepted into the facility. Packages that do not visibly reveal the RA number will be denied access into American Tactical facilities and returned to sender without notification. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the consumer to ship any non-serialized products to American Tactical for service. American Tactical is not liable for any shipping charges incurred by the consumer.

Once your product is received by our Returns Department, an E-mail notification will be sent to inform you that the product has been received and has been placed into our service system. All firearms serviced will include a service report from the gunsmith who performed the repair work.  Each report will detail the issues discovered, if any, what corrections were made, what parts were repaired or replaced and how many test fire rounds were successfully put through the firearm prior to return.  Once your item has been serviced, you will receive an email notification that the firearm or product is shipping back to you. 

NOTE: Service time frame may vary due to service queue and availability of parts from foreign manufacturers.



Any firearms requiring service outside of the scope of manufacturer warranty require a minimum $25 shipping and handling fee for return shipping expenses.  This fee must be paid prior to issuance of a RA from Customer Service.  It is the responsibility of the owner of the firearm to pay shipping expenses incurred for the firearm to return to American Tactical’s facility.

Once inspected, you will receive a service quote for the cost of parts and labor for any fees required to service the firearm.  No service work will be performed without authorization following issuance of the quote.  Should the service quote be accepted, all fees must be paid prior to return of the firearm to the customer.  Should the service quote be refused, no work will be performed and firearm will be returned to the customer in the condition in which it was received.  If no response to an issued quote is received by American Tactical within 30 days of issuance, the firearm will be returned to the customer in the condition in which it was received.  

All payments can be made through American Tactical Customer Service via Credit/Debit Card or by mailing a money order addressed to American Tactical at 231 Deming Way Summerville, SC 29483.



American Tactical provides all warranty service for firearms manufactured by American Tactical.  Repairs and replacements are subject to product and parts availability for domestic products.  The warranties covered by American Tactical for imported products are implemented and monitored by the foreign manufacturers. Product and parts availability may be subject to longer service timeframes due to foreign manufacturing schedules and import regulations and procedures.

American Tactical reserves the right to deny or decline any warranty services or products that do not meet the warranties implemented by our manufacturers.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ATI’s warranty policy or services please contact us at 1-800-290-0065 or email at

 Updated August 7, 2015.  This posted warranty supercedes all previously posted and printed warranties.

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