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American Tactical Extreme Drop-In Target Trigger
This patent pending match target grade drop in trigger is patterned to fit into any Mil-Spec AR15 pattern lower receiver.  Unlike other drop in triggers that require special anti-walk pins, this trigger uses standard MIL-SPEC AR15 hammer and trigger pins.  Holds in place through two vertical tension adjustment screws.  This trigger features a smooth 3.5-pound pull, with a glass smooth reset on follow through.  Built of an aluminum body and steel components.  
3.5-pound trigger pull weight
Drop-In ready to any MIL-SPEC AR15 lower receiver including the Omni Hybrid
Patent Pending Design
Uses Standard MIL-SPEC AR15 Hammer/Trigger Pins (not included)
Smooth Pull and Reset
Black Anodized finish to Aluminum housing
Black Oxide finish to Internal Components
Set Screws Still Required on our Omni Hybrid Lower for Appearance Only

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