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Good Condition SKS Rifle Yugo Mod 59/66 7.62X39 Cal.

Now Available!

American Tactical has recently acquired a small lot of good condition M59/66 Yugo SKS rifles.  Manufactured by Zastava Arms in the early 80s, these PAP M59/66 semi-auto rifles were cosmolined and stored for future use until sold to American Tactical following their use by the Yugoslavian Military.

Most rifles feature the PAPs signature 22 mm grenade launcher muzzle device, fold up ladder style front sight,and itegral folding bayonet.  Chambered in 7.62x39mm, these rifles are equipped with their original 10 round fixed magazine.  Rifles will be sold as complete as possible first come, first serve.

Each rifle ships in an American Tactical hard case for protection during shipping and will come with orignal cleaning kit, ammo pouch, oil bottle and sling.  These additional accessories are limited and will be supplied on a first come, first serve basis.

C&R Eligible.  Not for sale in CA.

• 23” Barrel
• 22mm Grenade Launcher Attachment (while supplies last)
• Milled Receiver
• 7.62x39mm
• Folding Blade Bayonet 
(while supplies last)
• Fixed Mag Holds 10 Rounds
• Accessories (While supplies last):
- Cleaning Kit
- Ammo Pouch
- Oil Bottle (In Pouch)
- Original Sling

To purchase by the crate, please contact 

Note:  Military Surplus Firearms offered by American Tactical are not covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Each firearm has been checked for 100% functionality by American Tactical's service department prior to being available for sale.  Military Surplus Firearms are coated in cosomline from the factory and do require extensive cleaning prior to use.

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