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ROCHESTER, NY – American Tactical sets the new standard in polymer AR lowers by introducing the new Omni-Hybrid AR-15 lower.

The new design is a fiberglass-composite polymer over a zinc metal insert. Designed to give extra strength in the high-pressure sections, the Omni-Hybrid surpasses military pressure and weight-bearing testing.

This unique manufacturing process produces a lighter weight platform, with the total weight of the Omni-Hybrid stripped lower being 8 ounces, a ½ ounce lighter than a traditional aluminum AR lower.

“The Omni-Hybrid lower has gone through all the pressure and weight-baring testing of a traditional aluminum lower with flawless results,” says Joe Calabro, Director of Marketing for American Tactical. “We feel like this new manufacturing technique will help set the standard for AR lower manufacturing.”

The Omni-Hybrid stripped lower has an MSRP of $49.95, making it one of the most cost-effective multi-caliber lowers on the market today.

American Tactical is on of the nation's top importers and manufactures of firearm related products. Having created a unique channel of distribution, American Tactical has quickly become a single-source distribution provider for many manufacturers across the world. From its signature German Sports Guns (GSG) family of products, accessory lines like Drago Gear® and manufacturing its own line of ATI AR-15 complete rifles and components, American Tactical continues to be a leader in the industry.

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Introducing the American Tactical Omni Hybrid AR Lower reciever. In this veideo clip, we show a computer generated model that highlights the key features, and also some live-fire slow-motion footage.

Test 1: Drop Test

In this test we take an American Tactical OMNI HYBRID lower and pair it with a 5.56 upper receiver, and perform a drop test, similar to the test H.P. White Laboratory [website] performs to test the safety and functionality of firearms.

To perform this test, we drop the firearm from 48" on all sides, and check to see if it still functions and remains undamaged, but more importantly does not fire on impact.

The result? Success! No cracks, no misfires!

Test 2: Hang Test

In this test we take an American Tactical OMNI HYBRID lower and see how it holds up to one of the US Military's hardest tests they perform on rifles to ensure it is battle-ready; hold 250 lbs from butt-stock (simulating a soldier using their rifle to assist climbing up hills, over walls, etc.). 

To perform this test, we built a frame that we insert the OMNI HYBRID lower into, then hanging a frame onto the buffer tube. We then put weights on incrementally up to the 250lbs. that they test for.

The result? Success! We took it further, up to 285lbs!

Test 3: Crush Test

In this test we take an American Tactical OMNI HYBRID lower and put it to the ultimate test... run it over with a 8,000 lb. forklift tow motor! This test isn't intended as a real world simulation, rather to prove the strength of the zinc alloy metal insert that is contained inside of this reinforced polymer lower. Weighing in at only 1/2 a pound, this 8 ounce OMNI HYBRID lower receiver is lighter than most aluminum lowers, yet has the strength or more of a steel body lower!

The result? Success! The metal threaded insert was not distorted or broken in any way, and the reinforced polymer survived, and is fully functional! Needless to say, this tough OMNI HYBRID held up to a test we all thought was impossible!